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The Original Contact Form Testers

It’s simple. Our Southern California based team will regularly send your website contact form a test message. No robots here, real people doing a real live test of your contact forms to make sure they actually work. And best yet, if we receive a fail or error, we will notify you immediately by phone and with a direct email.

The Problems With Your Contact Form… Way Too Many Variables

The problem with your contact form is that it isn’t a direct email communication. It is some software/plugin/application that captures information on your website via a form. After data is entered into that form, your website platform (WordPress, Weebly, Wix…) will take that information and attempt to send it to you. It is typically sent through your website hosting company, and then delivered to you as an email.

This is the simple explanation. Along all these paths there are all kinds of potential barriers that would prevent you from getting your contact form. The big problem is that in almost every case, you’re not notified that your form isn’t working properly. When you are lucky enough to find out your contact form is broken, you’re left wondering how long it has been down….days, weeks, or even months… and then wondering how many clients, and how much money you lost just because your contact form wasn’t working.

Software Updates
Out of date software can cause your form to stop working instantly.

Hosting Firewalls
Updates on your hosting can start blocking previously allowed messages.

Software Conflicts
Other website software can prevent messages from being sent.

Form Mis-Configurations
Configurations in the contact form application itself can fail a message.

Email Filtering
Your email provider can start filtering out your contact forms as spam.

Security Blocks
Your website can start blocking contact form entries as spam attacks.

Just Because It Worked Today, Doesn’t Mean It Will Tomorrow!!!

The Solution Is Here

You can’t trust software to monitor your contact forms, after all, the software is what’s failing in the first place. There aren’t any automated options for consumers to use and trust at an affordable price, but there is our Southern California team to keep your contact forms in check.

We Test Your Forms. We Can Do it EVERY DAY

No robots here. As often as each business day, all through the month, one of our team members (real people), will visit your site and complete your contact form.

We’ll click send and notate any confirmations or errors.

If there is an error, or lack of confirmation, we will immediately contact you to report the issue.

  • WE WILL visit your website contact form

  • WE WILL complete all fields on your contact form

  • WE WILL complete any spam/captcha test

  • WE WILL then submit your form

  • WE WILL note successful sends or any issues or errors

  • WE WILL contact you immediately if an error is present

A U.S. BasedHonestReliableConsistent Team of Testers

U.S. Based – Southern California
A real team, that really tests your contact forms. It’s that simple. No robots, no catches. We just test your forms.

Internet Marketing
Our team are website designers, managers and SEO optimizers.. we understand how important your contact forms are.

No Strings Attached
Your satisfaction is our priority. No contracts locking you in, never a price increase and a “no hassle” cancelation policy.

Our Contact Form Testing Team Is Here For You

Simple & Affordable Pricing

It costs next to nothing to have us test your contact forms weekly or daily. Flat pricing, never a contract, never a price increase.

Sign Up & Get Your First Form Test Tomorrow.

3 Simple Plans To Choose From

Weekly Form Testing
1 URL Tested Per Subscription
Up to 2 Forms Per URL Tested
Weekly Contact Form Tests
Live Person Testing - No Robots
Immediate Failure Notice via Phone
Website Loading & Visual Inspection Included
No Contracts, No Price Increases
No Hassle - Cancel Anytime
Email Confirmation & Form Support
WPForms Pro License Included
A $200/year Value
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Daily Form Testing
1 URL Tested Per Subscription
Up to 2 Forms Per URL Tested
Live Person Testing - No Robots
Every Weekday Contact Form Tests
Immediate Failure Notice via Phone
Website Loading & Visual Inspection Included
No Contracts, No Price Increases
No Hassle - Cancel Anytime
Email Confirmation & Form Support
WPForms Pro License Included
A $200/year Value
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Questions? Simple, Straight Forward Answers

What is Your Website Loading & Visual Inspection Feature?2020-10-06T19:28:51+00:00

Since a real person is visiting your website everyday, we also make sure your website is actually up and running. We also look for any visual problems with your design and report any issues to you immediately.

How “No Hassel” is your “No Hassel” cancelation policy?2020-10-05T04:38:30+00:00

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll stop the subscription immediately. You will still get contact forms through the end of your cycle, unless you choose not to. We do not refund payments already made, so the best time to cancel is a day or two before your next cycled billing date.

Is it really a real person testing my contact form?2020-10-05T04:38:56+00:00

No gimmicks here. 100% real people only. You can even call and talk to us if you want.

What if you find an error on one of my contact forms?2020-10-05T04:39:21+00:00

Our team will immediately reach out to you by phone and email to notify you there is an issue with your contact form.

What is your testing schedule?2020-10-05T04:39:52+00:00

Remember, we are real people, located in Southern California. We initiate testing at about 9am M-F. Depending on where you are in the queue, you will get your form sometime after that, but usually no later than noon PST.

How often and when is my test form completed?2020-10-05T04:40:21+00:00

Depending on what your choose (daily or weekly) is what days of the month you get a test completed. We test Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Essentially, we are up and testing every business day, all month long.

Do I need to do anything?2020-10-05T04:40:46+00:00

All you need to do is keep you eyes open for our contact form tests (and or email confirmations if you added that to your subscription).Some contact form issues are delivery, so in some cases we will not get an error on your website, but your form fails to reach you. Our email confirmation add on is great because it reminds you on the same schedule, that you should be seeing a contact form too.

What is your “Redundant Email/Email Confirmation” Addon?2020-10-08T16:03:31+00:00

With this feature, we also send you a direct email along side your contact form. We send them at the same time, so most of the time, they will land in your inbox together. This is your reminder that there was a contact form test sent, and you should also see it in your inbox.

Do you fix my contact forms?2020-10-08T16:01:56+00:00

Trouble shooting your contact forms is included. With this, if an error occurs, we will utilize your website login credentials and sometimes access to your website hosting to fully work on the issue and get your forms back up and running. It is a priority service and we start work immediately and won’t clock out until we have done everything we can to have your forms running again. 

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